The development prospects of ro membranes

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In recent years, with the intensification of air pollution, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the health problems of the living environment. As an indispensable source of people, the health of the gas and water environment comes first. Many people have gradually begun to buy healthy electrical products. Air purifiers and household water purifiers are no longer new technology products. According to statistics, the output of water purifiers in China will grow at a rate of 45% per year. The huge industry prospects have inspired many home appliance industries to go out. In the future, the total sales market of water purifiers in China will reach 40 million.

ro membranes

The promotion of water purification products is fast, but most consumers still don't know much about purification products. At present, household water purifiers are mainly divided into two categories: ro membrane and uf membrane. The filter diameter of the reverse osmosis water purifier can reach 0.0001μm, which can remove organic chemical pollutants such as excessive heavy metals, pesticides, and chloroform in the water. The water filter can't be compared.

The reverse osmosis water purifier mainly adopts ro membrane technology, which can completely separate heavy metals, fertilizers, germs, virus infections, residues, etc. The principle is to increase a certain working pressure on the water seepage side, so that the heavy metals dissolved in the water according to the reverse osmosis membrane exceeds the standard, germs, virus infections, organic compounds and other harmful chemicals cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane.

Reverse osmosis technology is a new technology application that is rapidly advancing in the 1960s. According to the material composition and the semi-permeable membrane contact, under the action of the static pressure gradient, moisture and some positive ion chemical substances can pass, while other organic compounds and some small The molecular water component basically does not pass, thus completing the separation of chemical substances. Reverse osmosis technology is now widely used in sea surface and iron-carbon fillers to remove salt, and the proportion in household water purifiers is also increasing year by year.

In recent years, other development trends of the two mainstream schools of water purifiers have also adapted to this view. Agents’ suggestions and customers’ choices are more objective. The company is constantly changing. For example, Yikou, one of the leading companies in the United States, has always been well-known for its water softener products. Last year, it also launched several reverse osmosis products in the domestic market in line with the times. Quanlai, the core well-known brand of ultrafiltration water purifiers in China, also announced the launch of a series of reverse osmosis products at the end of 2013, and set up a reverse osmosis water purifier production line in early 2014.

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