ultrafiltration membrane filter Promote the development of water purification technology

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At present, the process steps of water purification in countries all over the world are getting longer and longer, the process tends to be more complicated, the energy consumption increases, the cost increases, and the floor space increases. Countries all over the world are studying the steps of water purification. The research results of ultrafiltration membrane technology as the core application are precisely integrated into this fashion trend.

ultrafiltration membrane filter

On February 9, Mr. He Shouping, General Counsel of China ultrafiltration membrane technology introduced the technology in detail to Dr. Fu Tao, head of the Water Industry Policy Research and Management Center of the Department of Natural Environment of Tsinghua University, and Zhang Lizhen, manager of China Water Network. Dr. Fu Tao expressed his deep interest. On February 19th, when Mr. He Shouping visited Tsinghua University Professor Liu Wenjun, he also mentioned this subject. Professor Liu said: When I was still teaching the students, I mentioned other water purification technologies, most of which were imported from abroad. Only the mobile cleaning hood filter is made by our people. He speaks for himself that if this topic is successfully applied, our people will once again devote ourselves to water purification technology.

After investigation, the appraisers mainly showed a deep interest in this scientific research topic, and highly affirmed the results achieved. They agreed that this topic combines the basic solution process steps and process structure characteristics of the water plant, as well as process updates. The transformation requirements, with the overall goal of improving the water body, scientific research on the water purification process with ultrafiltration membrane technology as the core, and on this basis, a clear proposal for the process transformation of the Lujing Water Plant.
This effect clearly puts forward a short-step process with ultrafiltration membrane technology as the key, integrating inclined plate sedimentation tank, ultrafiltration membrane, and sludge concentration; this process highlights the core concept of low transmembrane pressure difference and low diffusion coefficient, and is used flexibly The original working nozzle of the water plant was selected, and the membrane module operation mode was selected to alleviate the membrane environmental pollution. The system software runs smoothly, the effluent turbidity is less than 0.02NTU, and the microbiological safety factor is greatly improved; this process saves commercial land and saves The project investment has provided new key technologies for the renovation and creation of the old water plant, which is in line with the development prospects of a conservation-oriented society and has a broad sales market application prospect. The effect of the new project is innovative and has a high level.

Achievement of the results of this subject On the basis of studying the scientific research results of various countries in the world, we choose pvdf ultrafiltration membrane with high anti-pollution performance to conduct experiments, gradually in-depth analysis, and dare to innovate. Although this effect is still a difficult and delicate practice process before the specific application, the market prospect of the application of this water purification process effect has already appeared.

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