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HUAMO uf membrane SFP 2880

Introduction:Diameter of HUAMO uf membrane SFP 2880: 0.5-2.0mm, nominal diameter: 0.3-1.4mm, the tube wall is covered with microporous plate, the diameter is expressed by the molecular weight of the substance that can be retained, and the relative molecular mass of the retention can reach thousands to hundreds of thousands. The source water flows under pressure on both sides or the inner wall of the HUAMO uf membrane SFP 2880 to form an external pressure type and an internal pressure type. Ultrafiltration is a whole process of dynamic filtration, and the trapped chemical substances can be discharged with the liquid without clogging the surface of the HUAMO uf membrane SFP 2880, and it can run continuously for a long time.

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1. Uf membrane can block bacteria, but not kill bacteria. Ultrafiltration membrane 1 is unlikely to keep clean areas free of bacteria for long periods of time. As long as there are bacteria, the bacteria will multiply until the water quality is affected. Therefore, sterilization must be carried out on time.
2. Attention must be paid to the maintenance of uf membrane, and attention to application and installation. If you stop using it, it must be washed with cold water, sterilized with formaldehyde solution, and sealed well.

3. Since each uf membrane is added with maintenance fluid before shipment, the maintenance fluid must be thoroughly cleaned before use, with low pressure cleaning for one hour, and then high pressure cleaning for one hour. When using the permeate volume, check that the water is free of biocides.

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Model: HUAMO uf membrane SFP 2880
Filtration flux (25ºC): 40-120 l/m2/hr
Flow range: 3.1 – 9.3 m3/hr
Operating pH range: 2-11
Temperature: 1-40ºC
Peak water inlet pressure (20ºC): 6.25 bar
Peak operating transmembrane pressure difference: 2.1 bar
Peak running air flushing flow rate: 12 Nm3/hr


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HUAMO uf membrane SFP 2880
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HUAMO uf membrane SFP 2880
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