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HUAMO Pvdf Uf Membrane SFP2880

Introduction:The PVDF uf membrane SFP2880 has good corrosion resistance and can reasonably solve common acid and alkali solutions. PVDF uf membrane has better separation effect and can filter microbial strains such as germs and virus infections.

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The installation of PVDF uf membrane SFP2880 can be divided into two ways: horizontal and vertical.

The horizontally installed membrane stack has high processing speed and small footprint. It is suitable for large, medium or extra-large scale systems, but contaminants tend to accumulate on the surface of the lower half of the membrane and are not suitable for cleaning. In a sense, the horizontal way is the operating cost to get the space cost, and the upright way is the space cost to get the operating cost. When choosing the installation method, the actual natural environment and construction scale of the project should be referred to.

The system arrangement of the PVDF uf membrane SFP2880 also has two ordering modes of series and parallel.
In the special high-consistency material-liquid treatment industry, it is stipulated that the total flow rate of membrane surface flushing is large, the output water volume of a single ultrafiltration membrane module is small, the utilization rate is low, and the loss is small, and a series structure can be formed. In the sewage treatment industry, the consistency of the source water mortar is low, the water output of a single ultrafiltration membrane module is large, the utilization rate is high, and the loss of the membrane module is large. The dry series structure will lead to a significant reduction in the water production rate of the rear modules. simple parallel structure.

pvdf uf membrane price

Model: SFP2880
Membrane type: ultrafiltration membrane
Brand: HUAMO
Applicable object: water
Purpose: water filtration
Thickness: 1.2 (mm)
Scope of application: water pump
Filtration method: internal pressure
Performance: Waterproof, acid-resistant, anti-static, alkali-resistant
Operating pressure: 2.5 (MPa)
Working temperature: 25 (℃)
Filtration accuracy: 0.01
Molecular weight cut-off: 10 (ten thousand)
Aperture: 0.01 (μm)
Flux: 1000 (L/H)
Longitudinal strength: 1.2 (MPa)


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HUAMO Pvdf Uf Membrane SFP2880
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HUAMO Pvdf Uf Membrane SFP2880
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