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MBR uf membrane

Introduction:MBR uf membrane can completely intercept the sludge into the bioreactor and increase the concentration value of the activated sludge method, while the non-degradable chemical substances are continuously reflected and degraded in the tubular reactor, thereby improving the function of the bioreactor. At the same time, the filtration accuracy of the membrane separation equipment is improved, which promotes the production of water bodies.

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1. Product details
MBR uf membrane uses flat membrane separation equipment to reasonably cut off the activated sludge method, suspended solids and biological macromolecular organic compound residues in the biochemical reaction tank, eliminating the secondary sedimentation tank process in the traditional process. Flat membrane ultrafiltration membranes It is an important part of the membrane bioreactor.
2. Purpose
Daily life wastewater, thermal power plant wastewater, electronics industry wastewater, pharmaceutical industry wastewater, chemical plant wastewater, metallurgical industry wastewater and food wastewater.
3. Matters needing attention:
This product should be protected from sunlight and the temperature should be within the range of 5-40℃;
This product should not be frozen, rained or soaked before storage;
The entire process of transportation, installation and storage of this product should avoid places that cause flames to avoid damage to the membrane elements
During the entire storage process, prevent the hanging objects from being extruded or colliding with other objects to avoid damage to the membrane elements;

Once the product is used, it needs to be kept moist at all times and the film should not be kept in a dry state.

mbr uf membrane

Membrane material: PVDF
Water supply pipe material: ABS
Membrane filtration area: 0.8m
Filtration accuracy: 0.1μm
Diaphragm width/length: 490x000 mm
Filtration method: suction filtration.
Working temperature: 5℃-40℃.
Application field of pH: 5-10.
Operating pressure difference: <0.2bar


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MBR uf membrane
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MBR uf membrane
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