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UF Membrane SFP2860

Introduction:The membrane separation technology process of the UF Membrane SFP2860 is a solution separation process based on the principle of mechanical sieving based on the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane. In addition to sieving, the retention of substances also includes adsorption, rejection, and bridging.

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Features and advantages:
●The membrane pore size of 0.03 um can remove bacteria, viruses, particulate matter, including colloids, to protect subsequent process equipment such as reverse osmosis systems.
The high-strength, chemical-resistant PVDF polymer hollow fiber membrane yarn ensures a longer service life of the membrane module.
●The hydrophilic PVDF fiber membrane yarn is easy to clean and wet, so that it can maintain good performance for a long time. The external pressure structure can withstand higher influent suspended solids concentration and reduce the pretreatment process.

●U-PVC material membrane shell can eliminate the need for expensive pressure vessels.

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Model: SFP2860
Membrane type: ultrafiltration membrane
Brand: HUAMO
Applicable object: water
Purpose: water filtration
Thickness: 1.2 (mm)
Scope of application: water pump
Filtration method: internal pressure
Performance: Waterproof, acid-resistant, anti-static, alkali-resistant
Operating pressure: 2.5 (MPa)
Working temperature: 25 (℃)
Filtration accuracy: 0.01
Molecular weight cut-off: 10 (ten thousand)
Aperture: 0.01 (μm)
Flux: 1000 (L/H)
Longitudinal strength: 1.2 (MPa)


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UF Membrane SFP2860
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UF Membrane SFP2860
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