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Stainless steel water filter housing MG8-RO80

Introduction:Name: Stainless steel water filter housing
Brand: Meigu
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Features: high pressure resistance, long life
Specifications: 1 pack/2 packs/3 packs/4 packs
Withstand voltage: 2.0~:2.5MPA/2.0~:4.0MPA
Water inlet method: water inlet at both ends, water inlet at both sides
Uses: reverse osmosis membrane shells such as Dow Membrane, Hyde Energy Membrane, Toray, Huitong, etc.

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1. Shell material: stainless steel 304 or 316L, the inside and outside of the membrane shell are polished.
2. Head: stainless steel head.
3. A six-stage filter membrane can be placed.
4. All use seamless steel pipes.
5. Water inlet method: water inlet at both ends and water inlet at both sides.
6. Shell and head connection: clamp type, built-in type.

7. Structure: scientific and reasonable, quick and convenient arrangement, withstand voltage test.

stainless steel water filter housing


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Stainless steel water filter housing MG8-RO80
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Stainless steel water filter housing MG8-RO80
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