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Stainless steel tank filter

Introduction:Stainless steel tank filter generally used as the pretreatment and purification of reverse osmosis equipment and ultrafiltration equipment, it mainly intercepts and adsorbs sediment, colloid, metal ions and organic matter.

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Common stainless steel tank filter is made of stainless steel 304 and carbon steel. Generally, epoxy or rubber-lined anti-corrosion treatment is used inside. The water distribution system usually includes bell mouth water distribution, hanging basket water distribution, and flat water distribution under the water distribution system. Shaped plate water distribution, stainless steel tube water distribution, water distribution water cap has ABS mushroom head and stainless steel cylindrical wire-wound water cap to distribute water, because the backwash of Stainless steel tank filter should be considered, the flux of general water distributor is usually running About three times the flow rate, so it is widely used.

Stainless steel tank filter


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Stainless steel tank filter
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Stainless steel tank filter
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