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Stainless steel softening filter

Introduction:Stainless steel softening filter adopts a single-layer stainless steel structure, the material is all sanitary stainless steel, the structure design is humanized, and the maneuverability is strong. The transition section of the inner wall of the cylinder adopts arc transition to ensure sanitation and no dead corners. It is used for the pretreatment of water treatment to remove turbidity, soften water, electrodialysis, and reverse osmosis.

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1. Product features

①. Stainless steel softening filter has strong corrosion resistance, and it is not corroded by outside air and residual chlorine in water. Each spherical tank undergoes pressure testing and inspection before leaving the factory, and its service life can reach more than 10 years under normal pressure.
②. Stainless steel softening filter has good airtightness; the sealed design prevents harmful substances in the airborne dust and mosquitoes from intruding into the tank, ensuring that the water quality is free from external pollution and breeding of red worms.
③. The scientific water flow design prevents the sediment at the bottom of the tank from turning up due to the water flow, ensuring the natural stratification of domestic water and fire-fighting water, and the turbidity of the domestic water coming out of the tank is reduced by 48.5%; but the water pressure is significantly increased . It is beneficial to improve the performance of domestic water and fire-fighting water facilities.

④. Stainless steel softening filter does not need to be cleaned frequently; the sediment in the water can be discharged only by regularly opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Simple equipment can be used to remove scale every 3 years, which greatly reduces cleaning costs and completely avoids bacterial and virus contamination of the human body.

stainless steel softening filter


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Stainless steel softening filter
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Stainless steel softening filter
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