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Stainless steel high precision filter MG1

Introduction:Stainless steel high precision filter is a common filter in the water treatment process. It is usually divided into security filters, bag filters, and large flow filters in form; it can also be customized according to the actual working conditions of customers. On the whole, the precision filter is suitable for the filtration before the RO membrane of the reverse osmosis RO membrane for drinking water, domestic water, electronics, printing and dyeing, textile, environmental protection, medicine and other industries, and protects the reverse osmosis membrane in the subsequent process.

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1.Product features

①. It can withstand higher working pressure and can effectively remove suspended solids, rust, etc. in the liquid
②. The filter element can be made of a variety of materials to meet the needs of various fluid filtration;
③. Small size, large filtering area, small resistance and long service life;
④. Resistance to acid, alkali and other chemical solvents;
⑤. High filtration accuracy, uniform pore size of the filter element, high strength, high temperature resistance, and the filter element is not easy to deform;
⑥. Small filtration resistance, large flux, strong dirt interception ability and long service life;
⑦. The filter element material has high cleanliness and no pollution to the filter medium;

⑧. Low price, low operating cost, easy to clean, and the filter element can be replaced.

stainless steel high precision filter


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Stainless steel high precision filter MG1
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Stainless steel high precision filter MG1
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