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Uf Membrane Project for Waterworks in Malaysia

Customer Case: Uf Membrane in Waterworks
Purchase equipment: 2 sets of Uf Membrane
Project description: The raw water of the project is groundwater, with high TDS (greater than 1000ppm), excessive fluoride, and high hardness. The system treatment process is "sand filtration + manganese sand filtration + self-cleaning filtration + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis" . Since installation and operation, the system's desalination rate has been stable at 98.5%, and the water production has been stable, which can fully meet customer requirements.
Customer recognition: From the consultation of the manager responsible for the procurement of the water plant project to the personnel of the Huama Company, to the final installation and acceptance, Huama Group has always maintained a serious and cautious attitude, strictly controls products and services, is thoughtful and responsible for customers, and is timely with customers Communicate, adjust the plan, and try our best to satisfy customers.

HUAMO Group·Vision

Provide fast and high-quality service to customers worldwide!


HUAMO have been tested by market and popular both at home and abroad over past few years.Nowadays,Huamo brand has become one of the leading manufacturers of RO/UF membranes in China, with production facility of 10000 ㎡ and annual output of 800,000 pieces of membrane per year.

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We hope to build HUAMO Mall into a national brand in the water treatment and environmental protection industry. Provide genuine,one-stop shopping services for the water treatment industry.In every area of the company, every colleague is the spokesperson of the company.

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We cherish the company's brand, image and social reputation, just as we cherish our lives!


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1.Years of industry experience

Over the past 20 years,always provide satisfactory services to customers around the world.

Manufacturers's Advantages

2.Strong manufacturer strength

The company integrates the production,sales and OEM of water treatment materials!

3.Reliable product quality

Improve the product quality management system,and create higher value for our customers.

4.Worldwide sales network

Committed to providing customers with high-quality service!

5.Cost-effective products

Small profits but quick turnover,high quality and low price are our sales policy!

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