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Food factory ultrafiltration membrane filtration equipment project

1.Background of the project

The improvement of the living standards of the people in our country has made people more and more enthusiastic in their pursuit of health, and protein has become a popular product. Nowadays, the introduction of whey protein into the market to adjust the dietary structure of our people and increase the intake of protein, especially high-quality animal protein, has become an important solution for people to consume protein.

2.Engineering process

Ultrafiltration membrane filters provide an important way to improve the quality ratio of whey. The pore size of ultrafiltration membranes used ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands, so that an ultrafiltration membrane with an appropriate pore size can allow lactose and soluble salts to pass through the membrane and retain Protein, fat and some insoluble or compound minerals.

3.Advantages of ultrafiltration membrane filter process

1. The ultrafiltration membrane core has high packing density and low cost per unit membrane area.
2. Low operating pressure, low requirements on pumps and other mechanical parts, and low energy consumption.
3. The system has a high recovery rate and high-quality products, which can realize high-efficiency separation, purification and high-fold concentration of materials.
4. The system has advanced technological design, high degree of integration, compact structure, small footprint, simple operation and maintenance, and low labor intensity.
5. The control system can be individually designed according to the user's specific requirements, combined with advanced control software, on-site centralized monitoring of important process operating parameters, to avoid manual misoperation, and multi-directional to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system.

HUAMO Group·Vision

Provide fast and high-quality service to customers worldwide!


HUAMO have been tested by market and popular both at home and abroad over past few years.Nowadays,Huamo brand has become one of the leading manufacturers of RO/UF membranes in China, with production facility of 10000 ㎡ and annual output of 800,000 pieces of membrane per year.

Corporate Vision

We hope to build HUAMO Mall into a national brand in the water treatment and environmental protection industry. Provide genuine,one-stop shopping services for the water treatment industry.In every area of the company, every colleague is the spokesperson of the company.

HUAMO Credibility

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Manufacturers's Advantages!

1.Years of industry experience

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Manufacturers's Advantages

2.Strong manufacturer strength

The company integrates the production,sales and OEM of water treatment materials!

3.Reliable product quality

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6.After-sales service

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