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Ultrafiltration Membrane Project in Guangzhou Water Plant

1. Project address: Guangzhou, China
2. Project Name: A Waterworks Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou

3. Specific equipment: ultrafiltration membrane

4. Product features: There is no phase change in the ultrafiltration process, normal temperature operation (no heating, energy saving), especially suitable for the separation of heat-sensitive substances (biological products, bacteria, proteins, etc.). The ultrafiltration separation process is simple, the supporting facilities are few, the operation is simple, and the maintenance cost is low.

(1) It belongs to a double-skin structure; both internal pressure and external pressure can be used during installation. When installing, first let go of the protective liquid in the filter, rinse with clean water for about 10 minutes before formal use after installation, and then circulate the disinfectant for 1 hour, and then rinse again with clean water for about 2 hours after the disinfectant is released (take odorless as Standard), at this time can enter the normal use stage.
(2)1 must be operated at the specified pressure and temperature. Over-pressure and over-temperature operation will inevitably cause the creep, rupture and damage of the membrane material. When the pressure and temperature are too low, the membrane will not be damaged, but the ultrafiltration rate will decrease, and the general retention performance will remain unchanged.
(3)1 generally adopt cross-flow filtration, that is, there must be discharge of concentrated liquid, and the discharge amount is determined by the concentration of the solute.
(4)Because the solute trapped by the membrane is deposited on the membrane surface, when the solute concentration on the membrane surface reaches the concentration polarization, the ultrafiltration rate and trapping performance drop sharply, which is more prominent for high flux membranes. When the concentration is polarized, the flux does not increase with the increase of pressure and reaches the limit flux. Must be changed by operating conditions. Therefore, the ultrafiltration and membrane reverse osmosis technology must carry out equal pressure washing and backwashing.
(5) Due to membrane surface pollution and solute deposition, the actual solution ultrafiltration rate is much lower than pure water ultrafiltration rate. When performing ultrafiltration treatment on various solution systems, the ultrafiltration rate should be determined based on experiments.
(6)1 operation must ensure a steady boost, and a sudden boost will easily damage the membrane module.
(7)1 The pressure should be lower than 0.1Mpa during backwashing, and no overpressure is allowed.

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