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The difference between 4 inch and 8 inch ro membrane element

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-06-30

In general, the water treatment industry distinguishes specifications according to the pore size of the ro membrane element . At this stage, ro membrane element with an outer diameter of 8 inches and 4 inches are more common.

ro membrane element

1. The difference between 4-inch and 8-inch ro membrane element

4 inches is also called 4040 reverse osmosis membrane technology, 8 inches is 8040 ro system membrane. Refers to the filter membrane cross-sectional outer diameter of 8 inches or 4 inches. The water flow of the 8-inch reverse osmosis membrane is higher than that of the 4-inch filter element under the same type and specification. The water output of the reverse osmosis membrane depends on the product specification and has nothing to do with the specification. The water output of the same well-known brand and the same model and specification is the same as that of the water body. The water yield of 4-inch membrane is 0.25~0.3 tons/hour, and the water yield of 8-inch membrane is about 1 ton. The use of 4-inch membrane or 8-inch membrane depends mainly on the water output of the mechanical equipment. Water production less than 2 tons (including 2 tons) are 4-inch membranes, and those above 2 tons are 8-inch membranes.

reverse osmosis membrane technology

2. The price difference between 4-inch and 8-inch reverse osmosis membranes

The 4" and 8" are also priced differently because of the different specs and sizes. The general price varies from a few hundred to two or three thousand yuan. The actual price difference should be determined according to the well-known brand and model specifications, the import and domestic prices will be relatively large and related to the reverse osmosis membrane 3 process.

3. Should I buy a 4-inch or 8-inch ro membrane element?

In fact, it's not that bigger is better. First of all, if you already have a membrane housing, it is best to buy it according to the current membrane housing specifications. Second, reverse osmosis membranes are generally used in reverse osmosis units. The total amount and specifications of reverse osmosis membranes are determined according to the complete set of water treatment units. The manufacturer will provide you with a purchasing plan based on your water flow. If you really don't know what size filter to use, you can consult the manufacturer.

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