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Key Factors for Buying and Choosing a industrial ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-06-29

When choosing a industrial ro membrane, the first thing that comes to most people's minds is water production rate and water conductivity. In fact, there are many factors that can hurt the cost of producing water. So what are the key factors for purchasing industrial ro membrane?

industrial ro membrane

1. Reverse osmosis effective membrane area

This is also a key factor that must be considered when designing the solution system. The effective membrane area of ro system membrane in the total permeate system is positively correlated because reverse osmosis system is based on flux as a design theory. With the effective membrane area in hand, designers can design systems with reliable characteristics. When the effective membrane area used in the system is larger, the number of ro system membrane, the number of membrane shells and the number of accessories required is less. At the same time, it also means saving the indoor space of mechanical equipment, saving the assembly and maintenance cost of the system.

2. The width of the inlet channel

The width of the inlet channel will be directly related to the operating cost. The wider the inlet channel, the more relaxed the system's requirements for seepage water standards and abnormal pretreatment equipment. Wider inlet channels also allow for more efficient membrane cleaning. The system maintains a low pressure drop even under high energy consumption standards.

3. Fully automatic film roll technology

The higher the roll technology, the production of a highly consistent reverse osmosis membrane with accurate membrane area1. Automatic film roll technology can produce elements with the largest film area without giving up the thickness of the water inlet. In addition, during the rolling process of the automatic film rolling technology, the film distribution is more symmetrical, and the distribution of the influent flow is more symmetrical.

4. Wider pH cleaning range

The range of pH value cleaning is the basis for completing reasonable cleaning, because the pH value of the cleaning solution is an important factor to remove the pollution source in the industrial ro membrane. The wider the pH value category the membrane element itself can withstand, the better the actual cleaning effect. The more reasonable, the longer the cleaning interval, the lower the time per cleaning.

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