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How to store uf filter cartridge

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-06-28

It is well known that due to unreasonable storage, the performance of the uf filter cartridge will be reduced or even damaged. However, most consumers are unaware of the storage method of the uf filter cartridge.

uf filter cartridge

First of all, in order to avoid the growth of microbial strains during the storage period of the uf membrane module and reduce the performance in later use, it must be preserved with a protective solution.

1. How to save the newly purchased uf filter cartridge?

①. Before shipment, it needs to pass the pressure test and air tightness test, apply glycerin, sodium bisulfite solution and water for storage, and then vacuum seal with plastic film;
②. Must be kept in wet mode at all times. New membrane modules should be kept in their original packaging until assembled and used;
③. It should be stored indoors to prevent direct sunlight, and the storage environment temperature should be placed horizontally at 0~40°C;

④. Take thermal insulation measures for membrane components to avoid freezing.

2. Storage standard of uf filter cartridge

①. The used uf membrane module should be cleaned before storage, and an aqueous solution of sodium bisulfite should be used as the protective solution, and the protective solution should be replaced regularly;
②. No matter under what circumstances, the film should not be left in a dry state.
③. What should I pay attention to when turning off the device?
When the shutdown time is not more than 7 days, the start-up operation can be carried out for 10~30min every day, in order to make fresh water enter the equipment for circulation.
When the equipment is out of use for a long time, first thoroughly clean, disinfect and sterilize the equipment, then introduce protective agents and antibacterial agents into the equipment, close all sockets, keep the humidity of the uf filter cartridge, and avoid bacteria and algae in the equipment Breed. The common protective film formula is water: vaseline: sodium bisulfite = 79:20:1, and the validity period is generally one year.

After the uf filter membrane is de-dried in the equipment, it will cause irreversible loss of the diffusion coefficient. Remember to keep the membrane moist and pay attention to the antibacterial and mildew removal of the membrane.

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