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Composition of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-06-24


    Mbr uf membrane is a brand-new MBR technology in the current sewage treatment. The uf membrane module is immersed in the raw water to filter the water body, and the filtration effect is very good and the service life is long. So what is the mbr uf membrane composed of?

    mbr uf membrane

    The mbr uf membrane is mainly composed of one or more uf membrane module and corresponding water pipes, microporous aeration pipes and supporting frames.
    ①Membrane module: The main application module composed of uf filter membrane, which integrates water collection and water production, is the key component of membrane equipment. The unit is the root when the column mode is selected, and the slice when the sheet mode is selected.
    ②Water collection pipe system: The water production pipe of each membrane module composed of pipes, pipe materials and related fixing parts is connected to it, so that the water production of MBR membrane modules can be concentrated together.

    ③Aeration pipe system: It consists of the built-in purging pipe, external plastic hoses, pipes, etc. The purging pipe of the membrane module immediately blows the membrane from the hydrolysis and acidification tank at the bottom, and the air bubbles rise along the membrane filaments, causing wrong flow on the membrane surface; at the same time, the water flow causes the membrane filaments to shake, so that the mechanical equipment is cleaned in the middle of the membrane filaments, reducing the sludge on the surface of the membrane filaments Possibility of accumulation, reducing environmental pollution of mud accumulation.

    ④Membrane frame and hoisting tools: The frame shear wall adopts a steel frame structure, which is the medium for the application of membrane components.

    mbr uf membrane is a design structure that absorbs water through external negative pressure. The inlet pipe is completely open to the outside, which is suitable for solving source water with high turbidity. It can deal with the seepage of high suspended solids and substances, and has strong water resistance. The impact resistance of unstable water seepage needs to fully consider the necessity of long-term stable operation of the components.

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