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Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane ULP-8040


Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane are spiral wound, composite polyamide membrane elements for Brackish Water treatment. Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane are characterized by a Low operating feed pressure, normally is 150psi(1.05MPa) and result in higher salt rejection rate(especially good for removing TOC, SiO2, etc.), above 99.1%. Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane are designed for industrial water treatment applications(NaCl≤2,000ppm, Salt content≤2000us/cm), such as the treatment of surface water, underground water, tap water, and municipal water for Foodstuff processing, Pharmaceutical production.

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1. Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane it should be used as soon as possible after unpacking. If it is not used temporarily, it should be stored indoors and the temperature should be kept between 5-40℃ to prevent freezing or dehydration. If the packaging bag is found to be damaged during storage, new protective liquid must be added and sealed for storage.
2. Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane in the working process, the influent water hardness, organic content, PH value, water temperature, salt concentration and other parameters should be checked regularly. If it exceeds the specified requirements, the influent water should be pretreated.

3. The new low pressure reverse osmosis membrane cannot be put into use directly during the first hour of operation to prevent impurities in the reverse osmosis system from bringing impurities into the product water and causing pollution to the product water.

low pressure reverse osmosis membrane price


Active Membrane

Average Permeate

Stable Rejection

Min. Rejection

Spacer Net Thickness


400ft2 (37.2m2)

10,500gpd (40m3/d)



31mil (0.79mm)


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Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane ULP-8040
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Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane ULP-8040
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